I originally worked with the managing director of Efoodz on another project and he returned so I could help him bring Efoodz to life and ensure they stayed ahead of the game in the pre-made meal industry. I have since gone on to work on another meal plan business with Andy as he has had so much success with Efoodz.

Their story began in June 2020 during the peak of Melbourne’s COVID-19 lockdown. The vision was to bring healthy, convenient and high quality meals to their customers. The business concept was not something new but they wanted to shake up the industry and I needed to ensure through design this was possible.

They have since turned the industry upside down with their ‘Kitchen to Customer in 48 hours’ guarantee. Their team has grown now to 12 passionate chefs efficiently preparing over 50,000 delicious meals every month.

I worked closely with the managing director and we came up with this simple black, white and red palette. Something visually pleasing , easy to read and easy to adapt across various applications. The logo design reflects the fast service and efficient delivery they provide while still providing high quality nutritional meals.

Project Details


Brand Development
Logo Design